Interactive Projects Funding


Application closes September 17

Education is part of the Placer Artists Tour mission. Interactive projects for the youth will help them engage in the process of making art. The Interactive projects will draw the public to your space and keep them around longer. These projects will encourage more of the public to get involved.

We have a grant from Auburn’s Sugar Plump Fairies for 10 artists to offer interactive projects during the Tour. Each artist will be given $50 to spend toward art supplies. You will need someone to help with the process of set up, directing, replenishing and interacting with participants so that you can focus on selling your art. Projects can also include adult participation.

We plan to include publicity and social media as the tour approaches and during the Tour. After Tour, we will need a statement about how your project was received and photos (phone photos are fine) to present to the Sugar Plump Fairies as a final report.

The application closes September 17. Your proposals will be presented to the Board at the September 20 meeting. Acceptance letters and checks will be available on September 22.

We are looking forward to a wonderful Tour!