Volunteer Opportunities

For Artists on the Tour

As Placer Artists Tour moves into a different operating structure as a non-profit corporation, we plan to increasingly rely on our committees to handle a variety of tasks.

With the large number of artists that now participate in the Tour, the fee reduction for volunteer service has resulted in an extremely large number of volunteers that has proved very difficult to manage.

We will still rely on volunteers, and offer fee waivers and reimbursement for volunteers that contribute time toward necessary tasks such as Regional Leaders, Social Media team, Arts Directory profiles, Distribution and Events, including the Potluck, Taste of the Tour reception and Symphony and Art in the Park.

Those committees will be formed after the close of applications. If you have participated in the past, you will be contacted. If you are interested in contributing 5 or more hours to one of these committees, please contact us at admin@placerartiststour.org.