Patrick Osborne

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Digital Imaging, Photography
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To me, artwork should not only answer questions, but ask them as well. I focus on parts of an image that would ordinarily go unobserved, and intentionally create tension between the elements.  Drawing the viewer’s eye to that tension allows me to subliminally imply a unique story or connection to the viewer’s imagination.

In my process, I digitally deconstruct an original photo, and re-assemble it–deliberately leaving things out–while including unlikely elements from altogether different images.

I layer textures from my image library of stone, concrete, peeling paint, fabric, and surfaces that are rusted, crazed or crumpled. This is the point where I let whatever appears to be emerging take the lead. I have come to recognize the point where the final image has presented itself, and it’s time to begin preparing it for the final printing process.