Lori Paskey

Meadow Vista/Colfax
FIRST Weekend
Mixed Media, Oil, Pastel
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Lori Paskey
Teaches Art Classes
Adults & Children
Pastels. Mixed Media.
Open by Appointment Year-Round

Creating is a daily practice for me. The quiet solitude sparks creativity and allows me the practice of bringing forth what is in my mind’s eye. My pallet is ever-changing and my work can be quite diverse. I find inspiration in a variety of mediums. The lush richness of oils, the smooth application of acrylic and the vibrancy of pastels leads me into endless subject matter. Combining a little bit of all of it into mixed media pieces satisfies me. My work can be serious or quirky depending on the mood of the day. I especially love vintage papers and often times incorporate them into my pieces. There’s something quite beautiful about days gone by.