Kimber Chin

BOTH Weekends
Mixed Media, Textiles, Wearable Art
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Painting with wool is like painting with clouds – wispy and beautifully light. I can blend and mix colors and textures as I feel led, and build a fabric that is small or large, thick or so thin they are transparent.

Since I used to spin yarn and knit, felting is an exciting new direction because there is little reliance on the twist of the yarn, or knowing rows and stitches. I am also a mixed media abstract painter so painting abstract wool pieces is a natural partnership using some of the same raw materials.

Both painting and Felting inspire me as an allegory for life – I can make plans, but I’m not in complete control of the outcome. The finished piece will form they way it wants. And as creator I am invited to remain unattached to outcome.

I invite you to fall into the small spaces of my work, and feel the stillness and peace from accepting each moment as it is, in art and in life.