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Don Antram took elective art classes all through high school. Then four years at Long Beach State where he achieved a Bachelors in Art Degree.  All through college, Don supported himself as a waiter in a fine restaurant.

It was several years before Don decided to start his own mural and faux finish business.  Doing the murals and commissioned canvas work kept his brushes in paint.  Don moved from working with oil paints to watercolors for a couple years and then decided to try acrylics and loved them.  Don’s art to this point had always been very realistic.

In April 2010 Don studied with an abstract artist  for two years, soaking up her knowledge, her insight and her passion.  With her encouragement and inspiration she was invaluable in helping him to learn to paint from within, both spiritually and from his heart.  Her teaching of self-exploration has also helped him grow as an artist as well as a person.  She exposed him to a variety of mixed mediums which he now incorporates into his paintings.

His work is very textural and tactile. Don incorporates and embeds a wide variety of materials such as molding and fiber pastes, granular and glass bead gels, mica, glass, dichroic glass, gems, stones, shells, glass beads, glitter and other reflective pieces.  Metallic paints are also a big part of his art.  “I use a multitude of mediums to create textures that will capture and reflect light.”

In 2014, Don started showing and selling his work at street Art Festivals participating in 15 to 18 shows a year.

Medium: Mixed Media