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Scratchboard is my primary medium, and the short description of the process is: “I draw white with a knife”. I’m also a photographer, I use my own photos for drawing references whenever possible.

Scratchboard is not very well known, but it’s a wonderful medium which allows for an incredible level of detail. It’s that detail that I love. I’m a bio-nerd & detail freak and scratchboard is the perfect medium for creating the style of art that makes my science brain happy.

If I had a nickel for every time I explained “It’s a drawing, not a photo” to someone looking at one of my drawings, I’d have a lot of nickels! If I had a nickel for every time I answered the question “What is scratchboard?”, I’d have a lot more nickels! I spend quite a bit of time educating on the fine points (pun intended) of this surface & technique, but that comes with the territory.

My work is available at Auburn Old Town Gallery, Auburn & High-Hand Gallery, Loomis.