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My first landscape photography experience was a 50+ mile hike on the John Muir Trail in the Sierra Nevada when I was a 13 year old Boy Scout.  That experience opened my eyes to the beauty around us.  I have been a photographer ever since.

Searching out stunning landscapes and capturing the wonder of the wildlife in nature is my passion.  Being in the wild, especially in extreme weather, makes me feel alive and full of excitement.
I have had images in national shows and have won some awards, but I seek to produce images of landscapes and wildlife that make you, the viewer, feel a sense of awe of our wonderful world.

Artist Statement

I was a chemistry major in college, and if you know anything about science majors, you know that we spend a lot of time in the laboratory.  Hours every day.  Every day of the week!

In addition, I had been a photographer for many years.  About halfway through college I decided to pursue photography to get outdoors to capture the landscape and wildlife.  I discussed this plan with an uncle, a very successful businessman.  Since I was strong in math, he suggested that I switch majors to finance.  That way I would have a career that could support my family, because with photography it wasn’t as certain.  I finished college in finance and had a very successful career.

I never put down the camera, but in the last decade I have dived in headfirst to ramp up my skills and fine tune my technique. Gone are the days of dark rooms and chemicals.  Now it is computers and a dizzying array of software.  Same concepts and applications, different approach to produce the final image.

For landscape and wildlife photographers, gathering source material is the same as it has always been.  Get off your duff and get out there.  For me, I enjoy the extreme conditions.  Stormy weather.  Remote locations. Float plane to remote glacier lake and then hike miles with a 40-pound pack of camera gear to photograph grizzly bears up close while they catch salmon?  Count me in.

I hope my photographs bring you an appreciation of the beauty around us.


Medium: Photography