Lily Nellist

Meadow Vista/Colfax
FIRST Weekend
Acrylic, Alcohol Ink, Drawing
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Lily Nellist
Teaches Art Classes

I specialize in pet portrait commissions, utilizing graphite, acrylic paint, and alcohol inks to create highly detailed, realistic works that capture the unique personalities and features of each animal subject.

My graphite portraits begin with a base sketch and incorporate a range of values to create texture and depth. For my acrylic paintings, I use a graphite sketch as a guideline and build upon it with paint. My use of alcohol inks is more intuitive and spontaneous, with a focus on allowing the medium to guide the final result. I pay particular attention to the eyes of my animal subjects, which I believe are windows to the soul. Ultimately, my art is a representation of my personal perspective on the world, and I hope that it resonates with those who share a similar view.