Kaz Huette

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Ceramics, Jewelry, Oil
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When I moved to Northern California from the East Coast in 2006, I left behind a career in Interior Architecture and Design. While it was a difficult transition, it did free me up to start doing my own art and I haven’t looked back. I started doing custom tables and benches, working in porcelain to create large wall sculptures and doing abstract painting. I have now moved on to designing and marketing 3D printed jewelry along with my other work.

I am attracted to the extremes in life and my work reflects this. It ranges from clean architectural lines to more organic shapes reflecting nature. My jewelry is bold and colorful while being extremely lightweight and easy to wear. The ceramics range from unglazed porcelain wall sculptures to vibrant raku. My paintings are mostly intuitive and abstract, using multiple layers of cold wax and oil to invoke thought on the part of the viewer.

Always curious, with restless hands and excess energy, I have followed a zig-zag path that has taken me around the world and plunked me down in Auburn. The American River and the breathtaking surroundings of my daily environment provide inspiration for me to create. My work is in homes across the United States and Australia.