Allison Armstrong

Granite Bay
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My husband passed away after a long illness in 2013 and my children had recently moved out as well.  I was at a loss as to what to do next in life. I fumbled around for a couple of years dealing with the loss.  During that time my mom encouraged me to try oil painting. She bought me some supplies for my birthday and I started trying it out with her help. Later we decided to go to a workshop together with my aunt and sister (a tradition that continues annually). That was when I really got hooked. Before I knew it I was enjoying painting more and more and realized I had found a new direction and purpose for my life. Time spent painting was like meditation and quieted my soul after those difficult years. Now I look forward to painting almost every day and marvel at my good fortune in having found my “second act.”

Artist Statement

I’m on a quest to capture the beauty of things I see in my world. I want to take what captivates me and translate it into an oil painting. I mainly paint still life in a representational style.  Inspiration comes in many forms, I love flowers and fruit and often use things I’ve grown in my garden. I also like to incorporate things I have collected over the years, a silver pitcher, copper pot, or depression glass. Anything with meaning to me. I discovered painting during a difficult time in my life and found it to be restorative.  It has been a balm to my soul, and I can’t imagine how I ever managed without it in my life.

Medium: Oil