Nancy Hakala

Drawing, Painting
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My Art story begins with my childhood. My beautiful mother was an incredible self-taught Artist who passed her joy and skills of realistic drawing to me. My father, an avid camper and lover of all wildlife, gave me an endearing care for all animals and nature. My lovely life is an artistic landscape of painting a non-ending variety of animals from elephants to zebras to adorable dogs and cats. As I have evolved as an Artist, Murals have become my favorite challenge and expertise. I have painted Murals on floors to ceilings, in private homes, airplane hangars, churches, museums and hospitals; utilizing scaffolds, ladders and man-lifts. (woman-lifts?) This month I will be painting a 3 x 27 foot Mural in a 3 story elevator shaft. Who knows what kind of Mural will be next?

Mediums Drawing, Mixed Media and Painting