Louise McGowan Bezark

Painting, Sculpture
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Louise is an accomplished artist with over a decade of works in private collections throughout the US and beyond. Her inspiration springs through color, texture and shape. Multiple processes are combined to illustrate her gourd vessels. Any of her work begins with being informed by the texture, shape and energy of each gourd. Most processes begin by her painting with fire. Pyro-engraving is one of her favorite steps in the process of creating. Louise uses bold color, negative and positive space, texture, precious metal leafing, and can include pine needle weaving with antler embellishments on her minimalist illustrations. Her work has been recognized by the California Gourd Society and the Fine Arts Division of California Exposition. Louise has been a featured artist on the cover of Natomas N Magazine and you can find her work in galleries from Auburn to Davis along with art shows and creative events throughout the year.

Mediums:  Mixed Media – 3D, Painting: oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, Sculpture: wood, metal, all 3D