Lori Paskey

Drawing, Painting
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I began focusing on art later in life. While I had been crafty in my younger years, it wasn’t until I had the opportunity to work with some amazing high school art teachers that I started to explore and create using different mediums. Drawing was the first subject I tried and to my surprise I won first place in the charcoal/pencil category at the Art in the Redwoods competition in 2014. Since then I have tried a variety of mediums and subject matter. I am always intrigued with art I see, in person or online, and feel a tremendous urge to explore it. Often times with less than stellar results! I have become comfortable with pastels and oils. Last year took me into mixed mediums and I relished in the ability to create some fun, light hearted pieces. I am currently playing with cold wax and oil and I am enjoying the vast array of possibilities with this luscious mixture. I have been asked what my “specialty” is and honestly, I can’t put myself into a box. Art is ever changing colors and textures just crying to be touched and seen. I’m fortunate that my wonderful husband, Joe, recognized my passion and built me a lovely home studio on our property in Meadow Vista.You will find me out there every morning with a cup of coffee and possibly Ruby or Tess, my adored, four-legged dogs.

Mediums: Cold wax, oil, acrylic and pastels.