Joe Strickland

Granite Bay
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I attended my first Placer Artists Studios Tour in the 90s. My family had just moved to Placer County from the Bay Area where I had a few art shows and an art consultant representing my art. At the time, my medium of choice was silkscreen printmaking. A portion of our garage was my studio as was a corner of the living room as was…etc., etc., the house was not set up for an open studio environment. After visiting a couple studios during one of the first tours Circa 1995-96 I learned there were a few venues available for artists that wanted to participate in the tour but didn’t have the facilities to do so. I ended up sharing a temporary display/studio at Finn Hall in Rocklin with 3 or 4 other artists where I had 2 tours there, before a local artist offered me a spot in a corner of her studio. I displayed a painting using a new process. The feedback I received for the piece validated what I was working on. The piece “Cindy’s Garden” was named after Cindy’s actual garden, which became the foundation for the studio that was built in our backyard the following year. Since then, the garden has been transplanted to the west side of the studio. The studio is now aged, as is its tenant. My inspiration is the voyage and the surprise of discovery, as there seems to be an endless plethora of media available for the sake of two-dimensional art making. Inquisitiveness motivates me to “hybridize ” multiple mediums beyond their intended purpose and manipulate them into something new. Endless experimentation, failures and rewarding revelations push me along this journey of “what’s next-ness?” During this years ‘Placer Artists Studios Tour’, I will be sharing my latest endeavors, which are currently; acrylic and epoxy on centuries old reclaimed redwood and oil pigment sticks over acrylics on canvas.

Medium: Mixed Media