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Welcome to My World of Photography. My adult life has been one of travel and photography. The two make a perfect combination.Trained in biological sciences and taught it as well as photography in my previous life in Malaysia as a Peace Corps Volunteer (1966-70) and in California. I retired as a building contractor and I’m now a full-time wanderer with camera in hand. Fortunately my wife, Marlene (fabric artist, quilter), shares this zest for the foreign. My early travels while living in Southeast Asia I carried two Leica film cameras, one for black and white film and the other for color. I welcome the digital photograph world for its many advantages over film.Experiencing the foreign one learns human commonality and through photography the viewer learns cultural diversity as well as those common, equalizing elements that make us human. Photography freezes that moment of time so that others may learn and enjoy.We’ve lived in Auburn since 1971. Locally I’ve displayed my art in many local venues and published in several international media.I have running exhibitions in commercial buildings in Sacramento and Roseville. My current print mounting technique eliminates frames and glass. All images are for sale and can accommodate any reasonable print size as well as budget.I maintain a web presence on

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