Elizabeth Dolbec-Oliveras

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In high school, I started painting. I was intrigued by the texture and squishy qualities of the paint. I loved mixing paint together, mostly to see them actually mix more than to make a new color. I loved the challenge of learning how to paint and found it to be rewarding regardless of the outcome simply because I was making things with my hands.

Before college, my artworks mainly consisted of portraits sprinkled with a few landscapes and still-lives. In 2009 I moved to Oakland to earn my BFA from California College of the Arts. The best thing about attending art school was being surrounded by people who were interested in creative activities and experiences. It was in college that I started making abstract artwork. In college I started developing the technique that I use today. My last series in college was about the process of creating three paintings on canvas, nailing them together, and then cutting each layer individually starting from the top layer. Today, I am working in a similar way, except I am painting on paper instead of canvas.

This new series that I have been working on, I classify as sculptural paintings. My artistic practice consists of constructing, deconstructing, and reconstructing two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional sculptural paintings.

This is my process:

1. I create 2d paintings on paper that span a variety of themes, but are all abstract. Sometimes I begin with an idea in mind and sometimes I don’t. The materials that I use include house paint, markers, acrylic paint, and oil pastels for drawing and mark making.

2. After the paintings are complete, I cut up them up.

3. To layer the paintings I first have to score them in certain areas to create different shapes with the paintings. I usually cut up several paintings at a time, reshape them, and then roughly assemble them into a new composition, before gluing them back together.

Mediums: Mixed media on paper, 3D sculptural painting