Don Antram

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Don’s work now is very textural and tactile. He incorporates and imbeds a wide variety of materials such as molding and fiber pastes, granular and glass bead gels, mica, glass, gold and silver leaf foils, dichroic glass, gems, stones, shells, glass beads, glitter, and other reflective pieces.  Metallic paints are also a big part of his art. He wants each painting to vibrate with energy and color, entertaining the eye and mind.  He uses a multitude of mediums to create textures that will capture and reflect light. Whether abstract or realistic, he would like the viewer to come close and inspect what is on the canvas. He wants them to want to touch it. 

Don believes that Art has a way of touching our hearts and our minds. A piece of art can trigger feelings, emotions, and memories. It has the power to inspire, to heal and even to motivate us. All art communicates something. The joy of an artist is to provide the connection.