DeAnna Nellist

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DeAnna is an Artist living with her Husband and two Children in a little log
cabin in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of California. She has been a
Registered Nurse for 26 years. After losing over 150 pounds, DeAnna
discovered areas of creative expression that had laid dormant underneath
self doubt and shame. Painting became her escape and outlet. She uses
it to decompress, refuel and feed her soul. Through painting, she connects
with God, herself and the beauty that surrounds her.
DeAnna paints primarily with alcohol inks, metallic acrylics and watercolor.
Not only do they create beautiful works of art, they are also very relaxing to
work with. They are literally “Creative Yoga for the Brain!”
Each piece evolves organically. With subtle strokes and manipulations the
alcohol ink dances across the canvas. DeAnna’s favorite thing about them
is that every piece is an original and cannot be replicated. This process
closely resembles how God has created us. Each of us uniquely and
individually formed. This powerful image is one that inspires her to work
with these incredible mediums.
DeAnna is passionate about creating art that deeply moves and inspires
others. Please feel free to browse her online gallery and store.
Through Inspired Inks DeAnna hopes to encourage and inspire others by
sharing her journey of discovery both creatively and personally. We were
created to live an abundant and deeply fulfilled life! Let Inspired Inks help
you you unlock your own Creative expression and potential!

Mediums: Painting: oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, Mixed Media – 2D