Darlene Engellenner

Painting, Sculpture
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I never know what will happen next in the creative process and I love the element of discovery when using new materials. In more recent work you will see the use of patina copper and encaustic. Some work is a sculptural form in two dimensions as the creation in done in layers and textures. Patina copper is always such a surprise as one never knows how it will turn out in the staining process and finding just the right portion of the patina copper to incorporate in the art. Encaustic had been a challenge until I discovered pouring the wax on my sculptural base and adding oil colors made the depth and interest I wanted. Strangeness and surprise in some proportion is what I like in the arts. This is my goal and I am surprised at time to see forms in the process.

Mediums: Patina Copper, Encaustic, Mixed Media, Collage, Acrylic