Bob McClurg

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I have always been a woodworker, since childhood. My father and I made several things in the garage. But wood turning was always something back in my mind as a hidden passion.  Once I bought my first lathe, it was clear to me that this was within me all along. I let a piece of wood talk to me, to tell me what it needs to become. As I turn the conversation continues, and the results are a magic blend of creativity and technical ability. Experimenting with different woods and products to reveal refreshing images is always on my mind. As one of about 200 Ornamental turners in the country, I find using my Rose Engine lathe a pleasing challenge, knowing that each time I create something, it will have it’s own personality. The complexity of this art has given me a new outlet in creativity, and always a special challenge with a different wood, or design.

My work is in galleries around the continent, including our own, Grizzly Gallery, on our ranch in Penryn. It has given me the opportunity to share my art locally along with my wife, and keep my art at a reasonable and affordable prices to those looking for special pieces. Shops that carry my works are looking for something different, and I am glad to supply that.  I have mentored for several years, and enjoy the delight that my students get once they have mastered each new level and their appreciation of the art.

Mediums: Wood turning, Pyrography, Ornamental wood turning, Woodworking