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During my childhood, art was my creative outlet.  However, my dream of a career involving art was discouraged by my family, so I pursued a career in law. During my legal career, I put my artwork on hold, but I always knew that I would one day resume my drawing & painting.  I never thought the artist left me.  The legal practice did provide an outlet for my creativity – writing legal briefs and opinions required story telling and drew upon the same process I now use in my paintings.
The detail that goes into each of my paintings, the problem solving process to depict my subjects and color choices I make as well as the ability to work through the small details yet stay focused to achieve the overall vision mirrors how I practiced law.  When I look at my artwork, I see the lawyer in there.
When I was finally able to devote more time to my artwork, I chose graphite and pen & ink because they were familiar mediums.  After creating a few pieces in black and white, I decided I was ready to step into the world of color.  By accident, I discovered soft pastels, and once I applied this medium to the paper, I was hooked.  The color exploded from me and I let it define my artwork rather than constraining myself to a more realistic palette.  I then expanded that freedom to the shapes and lines selected to depict my subjects.  I like to create artwork that still has an identifiable subject with an unexpected twist.  Thus, I create “twisted pastels.”