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In 2015, I was presented with an opportunity to learn about a medium that would grow to be my biggest passion in life. Wire wrapping is a jewelry technique that dates back to the pyramids and I have been experimenting with it as a medium for about seven years. I was born and raised in Auburn, California and after graduating from Placer High School I found myself wanting to pursue further education in the realm of fine art. In 2015 I began attending Humboldt State University where I completed my bachelors degrees in Studio Art and Art Education.
Much of what I learned in my college classes have helped me prepare for my future as an artist, however my wire wrapping techniques are mostly self taught, my early influences came from close high school friends who also make really beautiful, wearable art. The focus of my subject matter is to create aesthetic handmade jewelry that can appeal to a large audience of viewers. Examples of some pieces I design include rings, bracelets, pins, necklaces, and accessories for sunglasses.
I feel my experiences pursuing art as a career have made a complete revolution with my most recent milestone being the opening of my first gallery/studio space. The location I have landed in, is across the street from the Placer High’s art department, the same department that would influence in shaping my future.