Andrea Martin

BOTH Weekends
Mixed Media, Oil, Watercolor
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Andrea Martin
Teaches Art Classes
Adults & Children
Watercolor and Oil Painting
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I discovered my passion for art when one of my college roommates had to draw a portrait for a class assignment and asked me to pose as her subject. I decided I may as well draw her at the same time, and soon realized that I was getting fulling engulfed in the process as my roommate kept asking, “Are you done yet… Are you done yet?”. Although hesitant to call it “done”, I eventually gave in to the pleas and we both turned our drawings around to show the room. The dropped jaws of my roommates made me think that I just might have something here worth pursuing! I was majoring in computer science and there was no room in my schedule to explore art in school, but I started taking local art workshops soon after I graduated. I remember driving home from my first watercolor class on a total high! I had found something that nourished my soul and I was completely hooked! I continued to pursue art alongside a full-time job and raising two kids, but after 20 years as an engineer at Hewlett-Packard, I am grateful to finally have the luxury of being a full-time artist!