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The focus of my paintings has been people in a natural setting, using photography as well as live models for my reference. In my paintings, I strive to capture simple, emotional moments of human interaction within a natural environment to evoke a warm and pleasant memory for the viewer. I love the outdoors and the beauty and charm of small children, so combining the two brings me great joy. I have also been taking a more direct approach to capturing my subject matter, by painting on location “en plein air”. Finishing a plein air landscape painting in about two hours before the sunlight changes produces dramatic and exciting results.
The process of painting in the field is not merely visual. It is one which utilizes all my senses. I feel the plein air experience enhances the creative process of my studio paintings by keeping them fresh and vibrant. I am also committed to working from life in my studio. To capture and share the beauty I see with the viewer is indeed a great reward.
You can see examples of Victoria’s studio, portrait, and en plein air artwork and find information about the international painting workshops she hosts at:

Victoria Brooks
(916) 768-1751