Taylor Moriarty

Granite Bay
BOTH Weekends
Ceramics, Jewelry
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Open by Appointment Year-Round

I work with what lies beneath the topsoil, Gemstones, Clay, Rock, Metal- the earth. I am Primarily a potter and have been throwing on the wheel for 45 years. And I am finally good at it. Preferring less color and more texture with my pottery I usually work in all white or just one color. I use the play of light on texture and relief to create my stories. Much of my work is stamped with hand carved woodblocks in repeating pattern, that create 3D interest. I have recently added gemstone beading to my list of endeavors, specializing in the healing qualities of all the different gemstone families. My beading is all hand knotted. using strong nylon cord. All my work is made for everyday, and is crafted to be used.