Louise McGowan Bezark

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I paint with fire.

In an instant, I find inspiration in an image, in a glimpse or a riot of color. I find my interest scope spans from soft to intense, from the palest pastel to the inkiest black. I am a fanatical collector of inspiring images that ignite possibility. The visceral pull of a divine spark and the floodgates open. From the first touch of the red-hot tip, the earthly vessel in my hands begins to transform.

My sculptures, from 1 inch to over 20, do not fit any mold of traditional gourd art, and often my work is confused with clay. The combination of pyro-engraving, carving, inlay, and gold leaf informs and leads my color selections and embellishment. Customarily minimal, sculptures in my studio offer a wide angle invitation to what may spark inspiration in the viewer. Collector comments from around the globe range from deep peace to inspiring celebration.

Mediums:  Sculpture – Gourds, Sculpture, Mixed Media – 3D