June Steckler

Granite Bay
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I perceive my being in the world as a form of call and response, as in music. To sense the invitation of beauty is the call; my response is how I live, and the art I create.

I currently work primarily in acrylics on wood panels and canvas, creating abstract compositions inspired by the endless beauty of the botanical world around me. My paintings are decidedly abstract in style and at the same time, offer clear references to elements in nature. I am intentional and thoughtful about the details of my work, aiming to create a whole that reads as organic and unlabored while being carefully and intentionally created.

I have long been in love with the whole of plant and tree life, a fact which I credit to growing up in the verdant Pacific Northwest and spending my adult life in the equally stunning surrounds of California. College in western New York provided a long lasting dose of fall color inspo that I carry with me as well.

I tend to think of each piece I create as a thank you I compose in private, and then publicly share, inviting my fellow humans to marvel along with me at whatever inspires—whatever tunes your heart and mind to the call, and moves you to respond. My works are my attempt to share in both the call of beauty, and the response.