Joe Strickland

Granite Bay
BOTH Weekends
Photography, Printmaking, Other
Mixed Media, Painting- Oil, Wax, Gel Acrylic
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Open by Appointment Year-Round

Since my first encounter with screen-printing in the 1960’s, printing multiple layers has become a fundamental element in most of my work. My perception of layers is the ability to paint dimensionally on a flat surface. Learning to see through the layers during the art making process is my practice. Each piece is built upon multiple layers and each layer has a significant voice in the final composition.
My process is calculated, as far as knowing how the medium works, the rest is spontaneous improvisation. I literally follow what the paint dictates. For me, art is the process of doing and experiencing the lyrical sense that seems to emerge from behind a line, shape, or color guiding me through the progression of telling a story. I leave the interpretation of my abstract work to the viewer to decipher. By chance, an observer is moved by my work, I feel the spirit of the art is speaking directly to them.

Mediums: Acrylic, photography, epoxy, gels, graphite, canvas, wood, resin,, @joestricklandartist

Joe Strickland
5004 Citadel Ct
Granite Bay, CA 95746
(916) 960-9247